At this stage, children explore their environment more and are increasingly purposeful to find the meaning in events, objects, and words as they attempt to discover how the world around them works.

Our toddler playgroup is designed to foster exploration, imagination, and social interaction for your energetic little ones. We believe that learning happens best through play, and our engaging activities are tailored to promote cognitive, physical, and social development. Our experienced teachers guide toddlers through age-appropriate games, sensory experiences, creative arts, and group play, encouraging their natural curiosity and fostering a love for learning.

During this stage, toddlers are moving around more, becoming more aware of themselves and their surroundings. They will show greater independence, they recognize themselves in a picture or a mirror, they imitate the behavior of others (especially adults), they begin to recognize the names of familiar people and objects and follow simple instructions and directions. They develop a sense of identity and self and begin to realize their own individuality. They understand the power of words and the importance of written words and develop a vocabulary. Children are learning as they discover through physical development. Self-confidence develops as motor skills become better. Children enjoy repetition such as dumping and filling and eye co-ordination is developing.

Our teachers always stimulate the children’s desire to explore new objects by giving them many opportunities for independent play, small group activities, teacher-facilitated activities, and outside play. We provide a reassuring routine to offer a sense of security. In this transition from baby to toddler, they still need lots of love and nurturing attention and interaction.

This is an exciting time. They experience huge learning, thinking, social, and emotional changes that help them explore their new world and make sense of it. They become able to sort objects by shape and color, follow two- or three-step directions, and imitate the actions of adults and playmates. They make an important transition from individual play to group play.

At NOT JUST A DAYCARE our toddler childcare program focuses on your baby’s development:

  • Cognitive skills
    Our caregivers allow children to explore the environment while supervising and encouraging their play. Books, classical music, pattern-making materials, matching manipulatives, and interlocking toys that can be taken apart and put back together.
  • Social Emotional skills
    Our caregivers nurture children throughout the day both verbally and non-verbally; we allow time for dramatic play providing our children, time to make friends and develop and establish positive emotions.
  • Communication skills
    We seek to expand your child’s words, read, sing, and use gestures as well as words to communicate. Books, nursery rhymes, records, tapes, puppets, and flannel board stories are examples of suggested materials.
  • Physical skills
    We allow time for children to walk, climb, run, jump, and dance. Improving gross and fine motor skills.

Trust and contact us to provide a loving and enriching environment for your precious bundle of joy.