Go beyond academics to promote social and emotional development, creativity, and positive approaches to learning while encouraging a preschooler's playfulness.

Our preschool program is designed to ignite a love for learning while fostering social and emotional development. Through play-based learning, hands-on experiences, and interactive lessons, preschoolers develop a solid foundation for future academic success. We believe in the power of a child’s natural curiosity, and our curriculum encourages exploration, imagination, and a sense of wonder.

Compliant with the Head Start Performance Standards, Curriculum for Pre-K: Framework helps children achieve the readiness skills needed for kindergarten.

Skills and Concepts Covered:

  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Creative Expression
  • Counting, Sorting & Patterning
  • Numbers
  • Alphabet
  • Words
  • Positional Concepts & One-to-One Correspondence
  • Science
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Health & Safety
  • Independent Thinking

At Not Just A Daycare through the childcare program focuses on your child’s development:

  • Cognitive skills
    We provide opportunities for children to sort and classify objects. Books construction materials, making puzzles, playing musical instruments, music, and simple games.
  • Social Emotional skills
    We seek to encourage cooperative and individual learning opportunities, as well as creative expressions. We look to provide opportunities for dramatic play with simple themes and props, we allow children to make choices on activities.
  • Communication skills
    We believe that our caregivers should talk clearly to the children in our care, using simple and positive language.

As children grow into early childhood, they become more independent. They want to explore, ask questions, and learn about the things around them. Their world begins to open up. During this stage, children can use safety scissors, play with other children, recall part of a story and sing songs.

Our teachers assist children to develop and enhance confidence and creativity through ongoing exploration and discovery. We encourage our children to play with other children and to learn the value of sharing and friendship.

Trust and contact us to provide a loving and enriching environment for your precious bundle of joy.